Coast to Coast College Admissions Podcast with Anna and Mark

Coast to Coast College Admissions Podcast with Anna and Mark

Applying for college is more complex and often times more confusing than it used to be. In addition, there are so many resources out there. How do you know which is the right one? The best one? Shouldn't everyone have access to the best information out there, regardless of price?

That's what we believe! We believe in giving everyone their best chance by providing them with real insight from the college admissions industry. On this podcast, we share real and relevant topics in college admissions to provide you with a fresh perspective and truly actionable takeaways that you can use as you prepare to apply for college.

We look forward to answering your questions and assisting you on your college admissions journey!

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    College: Beyond Admissions

    You've gotten into college. Now what? After spending most of high school preparing for this next step, what do you need to be successful in college and even in life? Join Mark and Anna as the cover the top skills you need for life in college and beyond. From accepting criticism to tying a tie, Mark and Anna tackle life beyond the application.

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    Extracurricular Activities: What do they want from us?!

    With so many people around you juggling 20 activities, you I really need 20 activities? What is the point of these extracurricular activities? What kind of activities should I have? Is there ever too much or too few? Join Mark and Anna as they answer these questions and more, including whether or not family obligations count as an activity.

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    The Dish on Applying for Med School with Todd Faubion

    With medical school acceptance rates being so low, join Mark and Anna as they talk with expert Todd Faubion on his advice on maximizing your chances for getting into medical school. He'll also cover advice on how you can prepare as a high school student and college student and discuss what you can do if you aren't accepted the first time. If you or your child is thinking about joining the health profession, this is one episode you must check out.

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    College Food - And Why It's Important

    Food - its necessary for survival and is often an overlooked attribute. If your stomach is not satisfied, your brain will not work optimally and your academic - and social potential may take a nosedive. Join Mark and Anna as they talk about what you should be looking for when you think about college and food.

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    Standing Out Positively with Learning Disabilities featuring Dr. Shirag Shemmassian from Shemmassian Academic Consulting

    Join us as we talk to Dr. Shirag Shemmassian, Founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting. As a graduate of both Cornell University and UCLA, Shirag will be offering expertise on applying as a student who has faced learning challenges, in addition to sharing his own personal admissions journey as someone who has a disability. Join us for real wisdom as we tackle the biggest questions when it comes to helping families apply when the applicant has faced unique challenges and how to use it to share a compelling story with admissions.

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    Getting into your Dream School with Jessica Yeager from Dream College Summit

    Join us as we talk to Jessica Yeager, Founder of Dream College Summit and Impress the Ivies. Jessica will be dishing on her own college journey as an alumnus of both Harvard for undergrad and MIT for graduate school. She will also be covering new trends in college admissions and her best tips for getting into your dream school, especially the Ivies and other elite schools.

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    Designing the College List

    Congratulations… you are ready to apply to college. But which colleges do you apply to and how many? And even more importantly, how do you pick your list and narrow it down? Join Mark and Anna as they tackle these important topics and more, including great resources to get your party/list started!

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    Essays: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

    College essay topics are out! Join Anna and Mark as they discuss the do's, don'ts, and their favorite essays on this episode in which they cover how to brainstorm and create a college application essay that stands out.

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    Real College Journeys with Aleks Stefanovska

    Join us as we talk to Aleksandra (Aleks) Stefanovska, Founder of Pain Free to College and first generation college student on her college journey, where she dishes on her advice to students applying to college for the first time. She covers everything from having the right support to how to select schools and where to spend your time.

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    Decisions Are In - What Do I Do Now?

    College decisions are in! It can be a very exciting and confusing time for many students and their families. In this episode, Anna and Mark are here to advise on what happens when regular decision results are in. They'll cover acceptances, waitlists, and rejections and different ways to try to figure out which school you should move forward with.

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