College Admissions with Mark and Anna

College Admissions with Mark and Anna

Applying for college is more complex and often times more confusing than it used to be. In addition, there are so many resources out there. How do you know which is the right one? The best one? Shouldn't everyone have access to the best information out there, regardless of price?

That's what we believe! We believe in giving everyone their best chance by providing them with real insight from the college admissions industry. On this podcast, we share real and relevant topics in college admissions to provide you with a fresh perspective and truly actionable takeaways that you can use as you prepare to apply for college.

We look forward to answering your questions and assisting you on your college admissions journey!

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    ROI vs. Elite in College Admissions - A New Target

    With college loan debts increasing far beyond any healthy, logical, or sustainable level—approaching 1.6 Trillion dollars, and the average student accruing $37,000 of debt by graduation—the illogical and unsupported quest to pursue and attend only a handful of elite schools with less than 15% acceptance rates and COAs over $70,000 a year… may finally be in recession. Join Mark and Anna as they explore the significance of return on investment in college selection.

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    Top Takeaways on Admissions, Testing, Tours and more from the LA IECA Conference

    Anna and Mark recently attended the IECA National Conference in sunny Los Angeles, California—and took over the house! Okay, maybe not so much as took over as rolled through. Join Mark and Anna as they give you the dirt that they received straight from admissions themselves and cut down on the stress as they discuss tours of LA schools, admissions thoughts on test scores and the factors that actually get you in vs. qualifying you.

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    Making the Most Out of Campus Visits

    Heading out for some school tours? Learn how to make the most of them as Anna and Mark cover questions to ask, what to look out for, what to do, and who to talk to.

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    Too Young to Prepare for an Alma Mater?

    As college applications and admissions becomes more competitive each year and the financial ramifications of choosing the right school is even more important and daunting… parents desperately recognize that preparing earlier is better than later. But how early is too early? Join Mark and Anna as they discuss when and how to start preparing for college admissions.

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    Course Selection vs. Finding Your Path?

    It's back to school and you're wondering what classes you should pick? Should you try taking that harder class? Should you stick to classes related to your major or classes that will deem you "more competitive" based on the university's preferences. Join Mark and Anna as they discuss how to pick classes in high school and college. From understanding whether or not different classes are weighed differently like AP Calc and AP Stats to is there such a thing as taking too many challenging courses and how to pick classes that demonstrate growth and maturity, Mark and Anna have got you covered in this new episode on course selection.

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    Staying Healthy (Mentally, Emotionally, Physically) in College Admissions

    A majority of students can make it through high school and college, and some will do so with incredibly high grades while achieving amazing things. However, increasingly more high school and college students are finding the stresses of academics to be overwhelming. High School and college counselors are reporting the number of students seeking help for depression and anxiety is increasing at an alarming rate, higher than most have seen in their careers. Join Mark and Anna as they tackle how you can help your teens stay healthy - mind, body, and soul - when it comes to academics. From how to build your "framily" to whether or not to disclose any mental health challenges you may have faced, Mark and Anna have you covered on stress, anxiety, and suicide in the world of high school and college.

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    What’cha Doing This Summer?

    School is almost out and its time to figure out what to do this summer, besides soaking in the sun with your friends. While we've talked about activities in general, summer offers a unique opportunity to focus on development. Join Mark and Anna as they discuss the different types of activities you can dive into, how to use summer for "two-fers" and what are some not so great ideas for how to spend your summer.

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    Big Fish in Little Pond: What’s the Lure?

    Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell's book, David and Goliath, Mark and Anna discuss how to assess "big fish in a little pond" opportunities. As you look at schools, narrow your list, and make decisions, this is another factor to keep in mind. Join Mark and Anna as they revisit "best fit" and encourage students to consider the long-term impacts of being pushed to the edge academically, intellectually vs. learning comfortably, and reflecting on life and its many paths to fulfillment in this latest episode.

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    Offer Letters: Rainbow of Emotions and What to Look Out For

    All the work and sacrifice – applications completed, essays written, weekends lost, and joy-filled NetFlix binges missed… has finally paid off. THEY want you! Colleges want you! The golden ticket with notice of admission has been issued to you and now all you need to do is select which fabulous school you and your pet goldfish will head to in September. Join Mark and Anna as they walk you through this final step of the college admissions process - from where to check your results to what you need to look out for- Mark and Anna have you covered!

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    Art School Admissions with Tali Nesher

    Join us as we talk to Tali Nesher of U-College College Consulting, a former literary agent, NYU Tisch graduate and independent educational consultant specializing in the arts. Tali will be offering expertise on applying to different types of art programs and the value of an art education. If you're worried about your child becoming a starving artist, listen to Tali as she talks about how versatile an art degree can be, in addition to information about the process of applying for art programs.

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    College: Beyond Admissions

    You've gotten into college. Now what? After spending most of high school preparing for this next step, what do you need to be successful in college and even in life? Join Mark and Anna as the cover the top skills you need for life in college and beyond. From accepting criticism to tying a tie, Mark and Anna tackle life beyond the application.

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    Extracurricular Activities: What do they want from us?!

    With so many people around you juggling 20 activities, you I really need 20 activities? What is the point of these extracurricular activities? What kind of activities should I have? Is there ever too much or too few? Join Mark and Anna as they answer these questions and more, including whether or not family obligations count as an activity.

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    The Dish on Applying for Med School with Todd Faubion

    With medical school acceptance rates being so low, join Mark and Anna as they talk with expert Todd Faubion on his advice on maximizing your chances for getting into medical school. He'll also cover advice on how you can prepare as a high school student and college student and discuss what you can do if you aren't accepted the first time. If you or your child is thinking about joining the health profession, this is one episode you must check out.

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    College Food - And Why It's Important

    Food - its necessary for survival and is often an overlooked attribute. If your stomach is not satisfied, your brain will not work optimally and your academic - and social potential may take a nosedive. Join Mark and Anna as they talk about what you should be looking for when you think about college and food.

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    Standing Out Positively with Learning Disabilities featuring Dr. Shirag Shemmassian from Shemmassian Academic Consulting

    Join us as we talk to Dr. Shirag Shemmassian, Founder of Shemmassian Academic Consulting. As a graduate of both Cornell University and UCLA, Shirag will be offering expertise on applying as a student who has faced learning challenges, in addition to sharing his own personal admissions journey as someone who has a disability. Join us for real wisdom as we tackle the biggest questions when it comes to helping families apply when the applicant has faced unique challenges and how to use it to share a compelling story with admissions.

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    Getting into your Dream School with Jessica Yeager from Dream College Summit

    Join us as we talk to Jessica Yeager, Founder of Dream College Summit and Impress the Ivies. Jessica will be dishing on her own college journey as an alumnus of both Harvard for undergrad and MIT for graduate school. She will also be covering new trends in college admissions and her best tips for getting into your dream school, especially the Ivies and other elite schools.

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    Designing the College List

    Congratulations… you are ready to apply to college. But which colleges do you apply to and how many? And even more importantly, how do you pick your list and narrow it down? Join Mark and Anna as they tackle these important topics and more, including great resources to get your party/list started!

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    Essays: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

    College essay topics are out! Join Anna and Mark as they discuss the do's, don'ts, and their favorite essays on this episode in which they cover how to brainstorm and create a college application essay that stands out.

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    Real College Journeys with Aleks Stefanovska

    Join us as we talk to Aleksandra (Aleks) Stefanovska, Founder of Pain Free to College and first generation college student on her college journey, where she dishes on her advice to students applying to college for the first time. She covers everything from having the right support to how to select schools and where to spend your time.

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    Decisions Are In - What Do I Do Now?

    College decisions are in! It can be a very exciting and confusing time for many students and their families. In this episode, Anna and Mark are here to advise on what happens when regular decision results are in. They'll cover acceptances, waitlists, and rejections and different ways to try to figure out which school you should move forward with.

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    Real College Journeys with Liz Tenety

    Join us as we talk to Liz Tenety, Co-Founder of Motherly and former Washington Post writer, on her college journey, where she discusses how she decided to transfer to her dream school, despite loving the school where she went to.

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    College Interviews: The Myths, They Magic, The Mirth

    You've finished writing essays and sent your application in. Now, you get an email about a college admissions interview. They want to meet you! In this episode, Mark and Anna cover your most common questions regarding the interview, such as how important are they really, what questions should you be prepared to answer and what should you ask at the end. We'll cover etiquette on both in-person and online interviews.

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    Going to College on OPM (Other People's Money) - Financial Aid, Merit Aid, Loans, and More

    The average public school's cost of attendance can range from $25 to $45k a year. For private schools, the average university cost can be $60k to $70k! In this episode, Mark and Anna talk about ways you can go to college on OPM (other people's money) through financial and merit aid. Learn more about the process as well and how scholarships can help you cut back on loans.

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    Deadlines, Results, Decisions

    Now that most of the results from early action and early decision are in, its time to make sense of it all. Learn about the different deadlines, possible results, and what to do next.

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    ROI of Using an Independent Educational Consultant

    Ever consider using a consultant to help you with the college admissions process? Their more common name is IEC. Learn the benefits and values of using an IEC and who they are most beneficial for.

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    Gap Year - What Are They? Why Take One?

    Ever since Malia Obama decided to take a gap year, it has been a widely discussed topic in college admissions. So what is a gap year? Why take one? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we delve into what types of gap year opportunities exist and how to "pitch" one to your parents in this week's podcast.

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    The Importance of Meeting Face to Face

    While the internet has certainly made it easier to research and learn more about a school, meeting face to face and visiting a campus in person can make a big difference. Learn the benefits and what to look for when visiting campuses in this week's episode.

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    Niceness - The New Factor in College Admissions

    Thanks to Harvard's Turning the Tide Report, more schools are being asked to evaluate how "nice" a student is in the college admissions process. Learn more about how you can genuinely demonstrate your "niceness" in today's podcast.

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